• The factory default panel is portrait display and can be set to landscape display on the setting page. (when the engineer installs and debugs)
  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensor, proximity sensor
  • Adjustable LCD backlight brightness
  • LCD screen wakes up automatically.
  • Supports screen lock
  • Supports sleep mode, the panel can be set to enter sleep mode if there is no operation for a certain period of time.
  • 3 shortcut scene buttons, 2 function navigation buttons (vertical screen)/4 function navigation buttons
  • Time and environment status display and setting
  • Dedicated pages for lighting, curtain, scene, air conditioning, floor heating, music and fresh air
  • (horizontal screen), and 1 main menu button available in main interface (All of which support local operation and
  • Working voltage 12~30V DC
  • Working current 120mA/24V DC
  • Communication HDL Buspro
  • Cable diameter of Buspro terminal 0.6-0.8mm